Frequently asked questions




 Do you offer a guarantee or warranty?

If we're not able to remove the dent to your complete satisfaction then we will not charge you. Once the dent has been removed it will never come back...unless of course someone gives you a new dent.


The paint is damaged, is it worth using your service?

If the paint is only lightly scuffed with a faint mark that will polish out or has a very small chip in it which can be touched in then yes it probably is, if however the paint has been scuffed all the way back to the metal or has large cracks in it then a conventional body shop repair would be more appropriate.


Does the dent just pop out?

No. The dent is lifted with a series of pushes. We start with reproducing the original shape and then go on to detail and blend in with the rest of the paint finish to make it invisible. Some large complex dents can take thousands of pushes to achieve a flawless repair. Hand to eye co-ordination must be millimetre perfect, it's a very precise and skilled process which requires a lot of patience.   


Does metal have memory?

Simple When you car was produced, flat sheets of mild steel or aluminum were stamped into shape in a huge punch and die under 100's of tons of pressure to form a panel. If steel had memory your panels would be constantly straining to be that flat piece of steel again.

When we remove a dent we are basically sculpting by hand the affected area back to the shape it was stamped into. It would be great if metal had some sort of memory (even if simply to make it easier on a dent mans arms and wrists) but unfortunately it doesn't.


How long does it take? 

Small and medium dents anywhere from 30 mins to an hour and a half. Large dents anywhere from an hour and a half to four hours.



I’ve seen a DIY dent "improver" kit can’t I just have a go myself?

You can but they're called an "improver" for a reason and in the wrong hands could potentially cause more damage, possibly making it too severe to repair by a PDR technician leaving the only option of an expensive body shop repair and paint. 






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